Community News September 29, 2023

Silver Star Ski & Sport-Ski Season Prep Has Begun!

As the vibrant colors of autumn begin to slowly disappear, Silver Star Ski & Sport is a hive of bustling activity, diligently preparing for the eagerly awaited ski season. Todd and his dedicated team are  hard at work fine-tuning every detail to ensure a seamless transition from the summer season to winter season. From meticulously inspecting and tuning their ski and snowboard equipment, to stocking the latest winter gear and accessories, Silver Star Ski & Sport’s commitment to providing an exceptional skiing experience is unwavering. 


As the days grow shorter and the air grows crisper, the anticipation builds for the exhilarating moments that lie ahead on the powdery trails of Park City’s mountains. With each passing day, Silver Star Ski & Sport’s preparations mirror the changing seasons, culminating in a seamless melding of nature’s beauty and the thrill of winter adventure.


October  Opening Hours (subject to change):

There will be no regular opening hours in October but available by appointment. 


Silver Star Ski and Sport