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Lift Status Silver Star Lift-Closed For The Season!   As we bid farewell to another remarkable winter season, we reflect on the unforgettable memories made atop the Silver Star ski lift in Park City, Utah. After months of pristine powder, exhilarating runs, and heartwarming moments, Park City Mountain officially closed the Silver Star lift’s operations on April 7th.  As the season drew to […]
Lift Status Silver Star Lift Report-April 2024   With April upon us, we find ourselves approaching the end of another exhilarating ski season here at Silver Star and we want to provide you with an update regarding the operation of the Silver Star ski lift.     We’re excited to announce that the Silver Star ski lift is scheduled to continue running until […]
Lift Status Silver Star Lift Report-March 2024   As we transition into March, there’s an undeniable buzz of excitement in the air here at Silver Star. Mother Nature has blessed us abundantly with fresh powder throughout February, and the slopes are calling your name louder than ever. At the heart of our alpine playground stands the iconic Silver Star ski lift, ready […]
Lift Status Silver Star Lift Report-February 2024   As we dive into the heart of winter, we have some exciting updates about the Silver Star Ski Lift that are bound to elevate your skiing experience. Mother Nature threw us a curveball in December, causing a slight delay in the lift’s grand opening. However, patience is a virtue, and good things come to […]
Lift Status Silver Star Lift Report-January 2024   As we usher in the new year with eager anticipation, we wanted to provide you with an update on the current status of the Silver Star Ski Lift. While we were hopeful for an early start to the season, Mother Nature had other plans in December, and the Silver Star lift remains closed as […]
Lift Status Silver Star Lift Report-December 2023 Park City Mountain Resort has officially kicked off the 2023/24 ski and snowboard season, opening its slopes on November 17th. While Mother Nature hasn’t been as generous with the snowfall as we’d hope, fret not! There is good news on the horizon as sizable storms are predicted to blanket our mountainous playground this weekend, promising […]
Lift Status 2023 Lift Service Mountain Biking Park City Info 2023 Park City Mountain’s bike haul/lift access bike season will begin June 30th, weather and conditions permitting. Lifts should run from 10am – 7pm through September 4th. September 5th – October 1st hours of operation change to 11am – 6pm. More details on Park City bike haul. Deer Valley June 23rd – September 4th, daily. […]
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