Community News October 29, 2023

Silver Star Ski & Sport-Preparing for Ski Season

As the last traces of autumn dissipate, the vibrant atmosphere at Silver Star Ski & Sport is bustling with anticipation and energy. The transition from the thrilling summer bike season to the enchanting winter ski and snowboard season is underway, with the store bustling with activity as Todd and his dedicated team prepares for the upcoming winter extravaganza.


The diligent staff at Silver Star Ski & Sport have been hard at work, meticulously transforming the store to cater to the needs of winter adventurers. From carefully storing away the last remnants of the summer bike collection to showcasing the latest and greatest in ski and snowboard gear, the store is brimming with excitement for the ski season ahead.


Anticipation hangs in the crisp mountain air as the team fine-tunes every detail to ensure a seamless transition. From tuning up the rental fleet to stocking up on the latest winter apparel and equipment, Silver Star Ski & Sport is gearing up to offer nothing short of an unforgettable winter sports experience.


With a strong commitment to providing exceptional service and top-notch gear, the team at Silver Star Ski & Sport is determined to be fully operational and ready to welcome snow enthusiasts by Thanksgiving. As the winter reopening approaches, guests can look forward to an array of new offerings, including an extensive selection of premium equipment that promises to elevate their winter adventures to new heights.


So, mark your calendars and get ready to carve your way into an exhilarating winter wonderland, knowing that Silver Star Ski & Sport is diligently working to ensure an unforgettable and seamless experience for all snow lovers. Get your gear ready and gear up for an unforgettable ski season ahead!


Silver Star Ski & Sport