Trail Status July 13, 2023

Silver Star Trail Report-July 2023

Due to the unprecedented amount of snowfall that we received in Park City this winter, the Armstrong, Dawn’s & Spiro trails, renowned for their biking and hiking opportunities, were inaccessible for most of June.  However, with the warmer temperatures that Park City has been experiencing in the past few weeks, the snow has melted and the fallen trees have been cleared and now the trails are ready to be explored.   The lingering snow at higher elevations has yet to fully melt, rendering the trails above 8,000 feet impassable. As the month progresses and temperatures continue to heat up, we hope more and more of the trail system will be accessible toward the middle to end of July.  Lace up your boots, grab your bike, and set out to explore the beauty of Silver Star’s Armstrong, Dawn’s and Spiro Trails today.