Trail Status October 29, 2023

Silver Star Trail Report-November 2023

As the vibrant colors of fall have gradually faded away, leaving the landscape adorned in shades of gold and brown, the hiking and biking trails at Silver Star Park City still remain in excellent condition. Enthusiasts can still enjoy the invigorating experiences offered by the Armstrong, Spiro, and Dawn’s Trails. Despite the chilly breeze hinting at the imminent arrival of winter, the trails continue to beckon adventurers with their serene ambiance and panoramic views.


Hikers and bikers can relish the crisp air as they traverse through the gently undulating paths, soaking in the remnants of autumn’s splendor. The crunch of leaves beneath their feet adds a nostalgic charm to each step, reminding them of the vibrant foliage that once adorned the surroundings. However, with the impending snowfall on the horizon, the time to swap hiking boots and bikes for snowshoes and skis is rapidly approaching.


Silver Star Park City serves as a transitional space, a canvas that transforms with the changing seasons. The imminent shift to winter brings with it the promise of exciting activities such as skiing and snowboarding. As we bid farewell to the last vestiges of fall, we eagerly anticipate the transformation of the trails into a winter wonderland, complete with glistening snow and the laughter of snowshoers. So, before the first snowflakes blanket the ground, seize the opportunity to savor the final moments of hiking and biking amidst the breathtaking beauty of Silver Star Park City.