Trail Status June 30, 2024

Silver Star Trails Report-July 2024

Silver Star Park City offers a fantastic network of hiking and biking trails that cater to outdoor enthusiasts of all levels. Among these, the Armstrong, Dawn’s, and Spiro trails stand out for their scenic beauty and well-maintained paths. The Armstrong trail is a favorite for its moderate incline and shaded sections, making it ideal for a leisurely hike or bike ride. Dawn’s trail, with its rolling terrain and picturesque views, is perfect for those looking to enjoy a serene journey through nature. The Spiro trail, known for its diverse landscapes and challenging segments, provides an exhilarating experience for seasoned hikers and bikers.

As of now, all three trails are open and in excellent condition, offering a prime opportunity for adventure. However, visitors should be aware that the trails are already a bit dusty, a testament to the dry weather and high usage. This minor detail doesn’t detract from the overall experience but is worth noting for those planning their visit. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the Armstrong, Dawn’s, and Spiro trails at Silver Star Park City promise a memorable outdoor experience filled with natural beauty and invigorating exercise.